10 Set It And Forget It Ways To Make More Money With Your Website

10 Set It And Forget It Ways To Make More Money With Your Website


In the ever-evolving landscape of online entrepreneurship, ensuring your website consistently generates revenue is paramount. Gone are the days of manual, time-consuming efforts to monetize your site. Today, we present 10 innovative strategies to set and forget, allowing your website to become a perpetual money-making machine.

1. Automated Affiliate Marketing

Implementing an automated affiliate marketing system is a game-changer. Identify high-paying affiliates relevant to your niche and embed tracking links across your site. As traffic flows in, watch commissions accumulate effortlessly.

2. Passive Ad Revenue Streams

Integrate ad networks like Google AdSense strategically within your content. As your audience grows, so does your ad revenue. This is a seamless way to make money without actively managing ads.

3. Subscription-Based Content

Create premium, subscription-based content accessible only to subscribers. Platforms like Patreon and Substack allow you to automate payments, ensuring a steady stream of income from your dedicated audience.

4. Automated Email Marketing Funnels

Developing automated email marketing funnels is crucial for sustained revenue. Craft engaging content, set up triggers, and watch as your email campaigns nurture leads into loyal customers without constant manual intervention.

5. E-books and Digital Products

Authoring and selling e-books or digital products is an excellent way to generate passive income. Utilize platforms like Amazon Kindle or Shopify to automate sales and delivery, allowing you to focus on creating more valuable content.

6. Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Stay ahead by accepting cryptocurrency payments on your website. Automate the payment process with crypto payment gateways, providing your audience with alternative payment options and potentially tapping into a growing market.

7. Dropshipping Opportunities

Explore the world of dropshipping to sell physical products without inventory hassles. Set up an online store, connect with reliable dropshipping partners, and let the orders and revenue roll in without day-to-day management.

8. Evergreen Webinars

Host evergreen webinars that showcase your expertise and products. Automate the registration, hosting, and follow-up processes, turning your webinars into a continuous revenue stream without ongoing effort.

9. License Your Content

Monetize your content by licensing it to other platforms or businesses. Set up automated licensing agreements and watch as your valuable content generates revenue across different avenues.

10. Automated Social Media Marketing

Leverage social media to drive traffic and revenue effortlessly. Schedule posts, use automation tools, and engage with your audience consistently. Social media automation ensures your brand stays visible without constant manual input.


By implementing these 10 set it and forget it strategies, you position your website for sustained financial success. The key lies in strategic planning and leveraging automation to streamline processes. As you set these mechanisms in place, watch your website evolve into a self-sufficient income generator.